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Stellar and Heroes observation



The project was represented at the exhibition "РАЙ/PARADISE" of the Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives, State exhibition hall "Novy Manezh", Moscow, 21.07-8.08.2004

“…Gods have showered the purest air and continual plenty of fruits on this clime, ...there happens no winter, no snowstorms, no coud-bursts, no cold, ...and the cheerful days of the blessed ones run delightfully and imperceptibly...” (Elysion)

“...heroes settled here beguile with continuous gay feasts, reveling in immortal beverage of honey (=rain)...” (Valholl)

“...they don’t know a single thing about falsehood, nor natural needs and live with no troubles or griefs... ...they put garden leaves on, therefore feed on vegetables, they have wifes, while they have neither robes, nor cattle, nor corn, nor torrents, nor wars...” (Heroes’ Sky).

A. Afanasiev, Poetical Attitudes of the Slavs towards Nature, Vol. 3, p. 253-281, Moscow, 1865.


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