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Exhibition at the Lisa Plavinskaya's gallery, 2005

New Thoughts about Books


series of objects

This project was first time represented at Lisa Plavinskaya's gallery, ArtStrelka center, Moscow, 30.04-27.05.2005; 10 Triennale Kleinplastik BODYCHECK, Fellbach, Germany, 23.06-23.09.2007

Towards the apokatastasis of the industrial book

Sergey Shutov

The book as a bird can fly about all the world.
The book tsarina, can enjoin to hearts.
The book - the goddess, sometimes makes a miracle,
the Book - the slave, - often as bread feeds.

Utkin Dorofej Nikolaevich (1879-1957), "The Curriculum vitae or an axiom. My life, my adventure and my legend and memoirs mine"

Today, when manipulative forms of the information (Internet, newspapers, magazines, promotional materials) have finally won the industrial book, a problem of search and returning of the true information and real knowledge of the world arises. The hand-written book, unlike industrial, undoubtedly is the carrier of this information and, certainly, is the true document opening wide prospects of development of the real world. But publishing in itself opens ample opportunities for percipient. The spiritual practive of the Chinese monks led opening of publishing, allows the layman to come nearer to true. But whether vulgar publishing is the worthy contender of the hand-written book? You can find the answer to this question in my work "Towards the Apokatastasis of the hand-written book ".

Therefore here we shall not pay any special attention to this question. Today we consider a problematics of the industrial book as long as only few consecrated individuals have access to the unconditional document of the hand-written book. Distribution of the industrial book in connection with infringement of direct and direct transfer of the information to the percipient has led to that the information became accessible to the layman and as consequence information itself became lay, not inspiring trust.

"Communication means' growth, dramatically accrueing stream of manipulative communications speculating on basic human emotions is the system, intended to not entertain and inform only at all, but to infect individuals by (false – Sergey Shutov ) values, (incorrect - Sergey Shutov) beliefs and (dangerous - Sergey Shutov) behavioural codes".

The quantity of "authors", the "publishing houses" caused by a publishing policy, marketing strategy and censorship, deforms a role of a printed word as responsible knowledge and translates it in the category of irresponsible lack of information.

Rescue of the industrial book, restoration of cultural memory and priorities of the true symbolical order lays in sphere of art practice, reincarnating the very industrial book, and lifting it (alongside with hand-written one) up to the sacral level and the museum status. Today only artist by means of the spiritual practice can return to the cheap mass book the status of archival treasure, the true document. The meeting of the pulp fiction and the artist's tool cuts the monument of the book which have been lit up by a spark of creative transformation, allowing to leave an infinite wheel of regeneration of a paper in the book, books - in paper for recycling, and papers for recycling - again in a paper, etc. and to appear, thus, in boundless open spaces of a second-hand nirvana. So the Book loses unflattering definition “industrial' and gets a proud name of the Certificate.



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