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Sergey A. Shutov and Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky at the studio, 2006

Still from video

Childish choir performance

View of installation

View of installation

View of installation

Light Man. Vladimir V. Mayakovsky

Light Man. Kazimir S. Malevich

Manuscript of Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky (fragment)

Special thanks to the Moscow Choir of boys under the direction of Leonid Baklushin for cosmic traditional songs performance



(objects, graphics, video, audio, ready-made, childish choir performance)

The project was presented at the Zverev center for contemporary art, Moscow, 15.02-5.03.2006

I am the Earth
I am bidding farewell to my sons and daughters
Reach the Sun and come home again
(Music by V. Muradeli,
lyrics by E. Dolmatovsky,
singer L. Zykina)

Once upon a time, in a far-away galaxy, in one of the arms of the Via Lactea, there was born a boy. His mother gave him the name of Dar. Dar Veter1 experienced a lot in his life, but it was only in the last battle with his despiteful alter ego from the anti-world (whose name was, of course, Darth Vader2), that he approached the truth: he could save the mankind from savagery. Leading the space train with the bodies of Pushkin, Mayakovsky and Malevich, he disappeared in the astrospace to return as a beautiful Man of Light, photon who lit up the heart of Danko and taught Icarus to fly. Since then many generations of Russians strive for far-away lands by hook or by crook, to become at least a tiny star on a broad chest of extraterrestrial space.

I am flying away to a better place –
In the far-away lands.
Arrivederci, Cipolluccio,
Cipolletto, Cipollotto,
Brothers and friends!
(Cipollino's Song
Gianni Rodari, Cipollino)

Installation appeals to the tradition of Russian cosmism of the XIX – XX centuries with its idea of transformation of physical nature of man due to knowledge, experience and labour. According to Fiodorov's ideas, the mankind will face transformation. In the new Universe man will conquer death by the power of knowledge and power of technology, man will recall all the dead from the grave and become an unprecedented development factor. Another remarkable compatriot K. Tsiolkovsky surmises a cyclic repetition of four development eras of cosmic being of man – up to the genesis of “superman” who will bear absolute knowledge. The last “terminal” era is connected with transformation from material form of being into radiant (corpuscular). This theory is closely linked with the idea of the Man of Light, King of the World in Hinduism and the Man of Light in Islamic esoterism and cabbalistic tradition.

«The silver creature lifted its wing and folded it again. All three eyes of his started glaring and glistening witchingly and illuminated the surroundings: - The aim of space travel is conquering the ether and solar energy… On his will, man will be able to leave his home and happily wander in the ether for ages…» (K. Tsiolkovsky, Fairytale told by Tsiolkovsky to his grandson Aliosha).

But who will make this choice and who will be chosen to enter the future? Maybe those whose earthly life was insufficient, whose experience we are lacking so much today?


1 See: I. Efremov, Andromeda Nebula. In Russian the name “Dar Veter” means “Gift Wind”.

2 See: Star Wars by G. Lucas.


(Sergey Shutov)


© 2004-2005 by Sergey Shutov