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  12-15-08 The exhibition of Sergey Shutov at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is opened and will work till the 18-th of January, 2008. Here are some photos from the opening party and more photos here
Sergey Shutov and Vera Pogodina Sergey Shutov with his daughter Polina Sergey Shutov and Asad Mirkasimov The Heavenly Forces of the Iron City, version 2008
Polina and Liza Shutov Sveta Vikkers and Katya Lazareva
  12-08-08 The mounting process in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art continues
  portraits from Rug/Hydrangea project  rockets from Apokatastasis Now project Vanya Shutov with a rocket
  12-03-08 Unavoidable and Unnecessary, the first retrospective show of Sergey Shutov will be opened at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Ermolaevsky pereulok on the 15-th of December at 7 PM. The exhibition will bring together paintings from the 1980-s and the begining of 1990-s and early video art works by Shutov as well as around ten multimedia installations and thirty art projects of the last decade. Download press-release in MS Word format
  12-02-08 A new version of is working in a test mode. The old version of the site is available at
  12-01-08 The first retrospective catalog of Sergey Shutov is going to be printed by the New Year's Eve at WAM publishing house. The catalog includes an album with approximately 40 art projects and 60 painting reproductions, a texts part and catalog itself with around 1000 artworks by Sergey Shutov from late 1970-s till present time with small color illustrations.
  11-28-08 Sergey Shutov has left to Miami Beach to participate in the Russian Dreams. exhibition organised by the Moscow House of Photography in the program of Art Basel Miami Beach. From the barbed wires that were transported to Miami Beach before Sergey Shutov will make an installation dedicated to Soviet cosmos. This artwork was first time done at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale Design of Siberia (2007) at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.